Youthleader-Kayan Feminist Organisation

These three wonderful people will be the youth leaders for your group of young people creating the Podcasts for Kayan-Feminist-Organisation.
Here you can find out more about them, why they wanted to join the project and think that Gender Equality is important.



Aseel is a chemist and a volunteer activist who believes that creating equal rights for each and every individual will bring harmony and peace to the whole system, which is something we should all aspire for.


Mohamad believes that equality is an essential human right and a necessary aspect of a healthy society, and wants to overcome the societal taboo of discussing gender-related issues in order to create a platform where people can speak about these issues openly, freely, and most importantly, safely.


Suad is a student in sociology, psychology, and gender studies, as well as a social and political activist, who joined this project to learn more deeply about gender equality in order to change society’s perspective on this important issue.