Youthleader-Hayya Bina

These three wonderful people will be the youth leaders for your group of young people creating the Podcasts for Hayya Bina.
Here you can find out more about them,why they wanted to join the project and think that Gender Equality is important.


” In Lebanon, the absence of women from decision-making positions has been attributed to the patriarchal character of Lebanese society. This is enforced by the traditional rules governing the functioning of the political system. Gender equality should be at its revolution peak nowadays. So let’s get this party started. ” 


“As I have to personally put up with gender inequality in my community, I decided to take part in this life changing project to increase my resilience, learn from shared experiences, and make others “start to listen”.


” In order to achieve gender equality we need to truly understand its nature and its impact on our society. Then we can start the fight against inequality and injustice, and here comes the role of each one of us to change how the world sees genders and ensure justice. “