Youthleader Grenzenlos

These three wonderful people will be the youth leaders for your group of young people creating the Podcasts for Grenzenlos.
Here you can find out more about them, why they wanted to join the project and think that Gender Equality is important.


“In order to tackle Gender Equality, you need to be aware of what is happening in the world surrounding you. This was my motivation to apply for the project. To make the stories and facts known, in order to take a step for a better tomorrow.”


“I wanna change the way society views gender and create ways and platforms to talk about it openly. I know how harmful it can be to be put in a box or to have to choose between two sides you don’t feel represented by. we shouldn’t look at each other as a gender but as a unique individual human expression and that’s what I stand and wanna speak up for!” 


“Gender equality should concern everyone in this world. Regardless of your age, nationality, ethnicity, gender or religion. That is why I’m looking forward to work on this topic with people from different backgrounds and walks of life”