Youthleader-Citizens in Action

These three wonderful people will be the youth leaders for your group of young people creating the Podcasts for Citizens in Action.
Here you can find out more about them, why they wanted to join the project and think that Gender Equality is important.


” “What is gender?”, i was wondering, and after some time, i realized it meant nothing. We all are just human beings with common goals; we come and go from this life as we are. I dream of a world with empowered people being what they just want to be. I am here to speak and listen with the language of acceptance, love, respect and empathy. We can cultivate these values and I am here for it. “


” Listening is as important as raising your voice in order to fight injustice and improve societies. It’s 2021 and gender equality has not been achieved. Are there voices that we haven’t heard yet or are there topics that we still fail to talk about? These thoughts (and some more) motivated me to participate in this project. “


” In my everyday life I observe gender stereotypes and sexist comments and I give my best to react against them. Now, I want to go one step forward and raise awareness of the topic of gender equality. I hope that one day people will feel free to express themselves regardless of their gender, without any criticism. “