Introduction to Start To Listen

Start to Listen
Introduction to Start To Listen

Welcome and Start to Listen – this is the title and the motto of our project and podcast about Gender Equaliy. Why organise a podcast about Gender Equality with four different groups living in 4 different countries? We wanted to combine our passion for intercultural exchange and gender equality in one project. We want to start to listen to young people and their voices. We want to learn about their perspective and give them the possibility to share and spread their ideas across borders. Like this we want to foster intercultural exchange in a time where we cannot physically move by engaging, exchanging and sharing digitally.
This project is coordinated by Grenzenlos and implemented with our partners of Citizens in Action, Kayan feminist organisations and HayyaBina. With every episode the different youth groups will take you to their surroudings, thoughts and discussions. Stay tuned and start to listen.

The project is funded by the Anna Lindh foundation with the support of the European Union