#13 “Feminism is Not Just For Women” – by Kayan Feminist Organization (Arabic)

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Start to Listen
#13 "Feminism is Not Just For Women" - by Kayan Feminist Organization (Arabic)

English summary:
Start to Listen podcast by the youth group of Kayan Feminist Organization
Episode Three, “Feminism is Not Just For Women”

Feminism is not just for women; it gives everyone a better life. The idea is not to take control from the
hands of men; that will not change anything in the world. The idea specifically is, destroy the idea of
power itself!
–Simone de Beauvoir.

Introduction (Bessan):
We would like to welcome our listeners to the third episode of the youth project
podcast series, “Start to Listen – The Youth Challenge.” Behind the mic, this is
Bessan, Suad, and Naya from Kayan – Feminist Organization.
We will start our episode today about a feminist man in a patriarchal world. Misogyny
in all its shapes and forms in this patriarchal society is harmful, unjust, and truly unfair
to all: men or women.
And because practicing misogyny is a choice and not a destined fate, our role as young
people is to challenge stereotypes and get out of the closed-minded box we were put
in because sometimes breaking our habits ends up benefiting us and our society!
Therefore, it is important to highlight the breaking of these patterns, study them
deeper, and learn from them.
In this context, is the prevailing idea that feminism is limited only to women correct?
The answer is no! The feminist struggle has always contained a number of issues,
whether about gender or about others. Feminism as an idea in our society threatens
the prevailing social system, and of course not everything that is most common or
most accepted in society is necessarily correct!
If you are a feminist woman who calls for justice and freedom, you will be accused of
being formidable, rebellious, and even hating men and all the other names in the
book… We, as women, are used to being called all these names by now because it
always happens to us.
But did we ask ourselves once what comments a feminist man faces in our society?
Yes, you heard that right, a feminist man.
Question 1- What is feminism in Baleegh’s view? How do we practice it in our lives?
Our guest today is a special person because of everything we have said earlier. We are
happy that today we are talking to Baleegh Saldin, a journalist and influencer who isn’t
afraid to share his bold views, and a proud feminist…… Welcome to our podcast,
Does the “feminist man” really exist? Can a man who enjoys the advantages of a
patriarchal and misogynistic system give up all the privileges of our society and stand
by us to call for equality and justice for all? What is feminism in your opinion, Baleegh?
And how do you practice it in your life?
Q2- Naya: Community norms and taboos- delivering the idea in the light of societal
Baleegh, we saw great interaction and support and, most importantly, a high volume
of demand for the topics that you post about on social media platforms, which address
important societal issues such as combating violence against women and demanding
an end to discrimination. Sometimes they are sensitive topics that we were raised to
never discuss, such as homosexuality.
In light of criticism and the attacks, how did you succeed in conveying your voice and
ideas to the younger generation that is following you despite the criticism?
Q3- Suad: How do we create a feminist generation?
Baleegh, our voices in the face of injustice, discrimination, and violence towards us
are strong and will not be silenced, but despite this, the situation is still bleak.
There has been a rise in cases of violence against women recently. One out of three
women is subjected to sexual harassment in the house, workplace, or street. Our
society is increasingly strict and close-minded towards everything and anyone that is
different, and the space for feminist men is narrow.
In your opinion, what steps should we all follow to encourage dialogue and discussion
in order to expose the next generation to feminism, and as a result attract more men
and youth to be part of our struggle?

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